It’s How You Make People Feel.

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People don’t necessarily recall what you say, but certainly do remember how you made them feel when you said it.

This belief I have comes from a quote by civil rights activist and poet Maya Angelou, which is ‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel’.

Despite being a virtual one way communication, video can work really well in creating feelings about a person or business. When it comes to building trust the spoken word is important face to face, but without social senses such as body language and other non-verbal communication, it can be difficult conveying trust with a video.

Video can show Heart and Soul– a previous blog post.

And with so many people making videos, it’s not always recognised a film crew is anything more than some technical equipment and someone who operates a camera. Our big job when interviewing people for video is to get them calm and comfortable- that way they are natural and sincere on camera and give an impression of care and passion in what they do. They also relax and say more as well.

Us humans are really good at reading peoples emotions and going with our instincts, and it’s a natural skill we all possess. Scientific studies say people make decisions on if they like someone as quickly as a tenth of a second. Fingers are poised on the back button as soon as we click play on a video. You have just seconds to make a good impression.


The above video for F1rst Commercial Recruitment has some funny stories, but the upbeat nature and relaxed attitude of the staff is what we aimed to communicate.

This is why people are a really important ingredient in our videos, we are all fascinated by others and like to watch them, so interviews and people at work make up a key part of our website films.

How you make people feel rather than what you say also applies to face to face meetings too. Have a think about the next person you meet that impressed you- was it the words, or their actions that stuck with you?


Jonathan is the founder of and will often film the interviews with subjects on video shoots.


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