Infographics: Making your facts sexy

Infographics are important for making complex information easier to understand in an engaging design. 

An infographic can make your job a lot easier, whether that be trying to communicate how your business is going or you are trying to market a product.

Infographics can:

  • Condense lengthy information such as blogs and long reports
  • Engage audiences with fantastic visuals
  • Simplify confusing information

See great examples of infographics here, and here, and here!

So where do you start to create your infographics? You need to consider the theme of your infographic, here are a few hints of interesting themes:

Solve Your Organisation’s Problems

If your customers are noticing reoccurring issue, run a survey and then publish your organisations results as an infographic to communicate to both inside and outside the organisation.

If within the organisation there needs to be information to be spread, Make sure everyone gets the memo by creating an engaging infographic to either share via email or within a presentation.

Find Interesting Organisation Stories

Different Organisations have all sorts of different stories! Why don’t you try and find them and tell these stories through an infographic timeline. This will give customers an insight into your business.

Jump on current bandwagons

There is nothing more popular than current trends! So try and think of a way of incorporating your business’ services into an infographic about something current! For example, if you’re a graphic designer then look at the current graphics in a recent motion picture film.

So what are you waiting for? Get to work on making cool unique designs that bring your business to life.

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