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Through 2016 we have made 183 individual films for customers.

In 2015 we made 120 individual films, so it’s an increase of over 50%.

The way we make videos is set up to be as affordable and as stress-free for the customer as possible. We also need to be productive so the money keeps coming in to pay the bills. So the following ways we work keep us and our customers happy:

  • We ask customers to complete a filming guide. Whatever is in this is in the film. The same filming guide is used in edit, so what was asked for from the start was completed.
  • Because we do what a customer asks, they tend to be happy. Sometimes something else is required once a film is edited, which can be easily done with some further filming. We also flag up any issues or give ideas before we even turn up to film.
  • The team at Bellyflop work efficiently together.  The main team in the office are Sammi the video editor, Carol the office manager, and Jonathan the camera person. We have defined job roles so this speeds up the video production process.
  • We have a clear price structure. New customers can learn to trust us and know we do what is agreed, and if there are any extra costs they are flagged up way before it would arise.
  • We support customers once a film is completed. It isn’t just a case of putting the film ‘live’ then enjoy seeing the views go up. You then need to share and talk about a film. We help with this as part of the service.

Price explained in our blog post here. A full price list is here.

So far we have made over 1,800 videos. In 2017 we will most likely hit the 2,017 films mark – although it’s really difficult to identify which customer that would be as so many films are in production at once.

The prediction is 82% of internet traffic will be for video by 2019, and we are about to see a huge amount of professional live broadcasts on Facebook. So if you want us to help with video production in any way (as well as photography, Google Street View, and Social Media), just call us on 0161 477 5621, email us, or complete the contact form.

Author: Jonathan Robinson is the founder of and visits customers to do the filming.






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