Films for Young People

Video-making can be child's play!

We regularly make videos not just for young people (to watch as viewers) but with them as well- even getting them participating with using camera and edit equipment.

The range of films we have made all appear in a list here and range from educational guides, event films, workshops, projects in schools, and children with special educational needs (SEN).

The ‘Brownie Big Weekend’ above took place at Chester Zoo.

When Jonathan Robinson started in 2008 this was after several years making children’s TV for the BBC and Nickelodeon, and earlier to that five years as a McDonalds party host. Jonathan is DBS registered (police checked) and is also a Dad, so brings along these experiences on a film shoot.


The above film was an educational project for young people about road safety.

The way communication works online is changing rapidly, and the younger end of the audience constantly change how they consume things. Video is becoming an ever-increasing part of that.

If you have any ideas or want us to help with a project you have in mind, just call Carol in the office on 0161 477 5621, email us, or complete the ‘contact us’ form.