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Since Bellyfloptv started in 2008 we have made over 1,600 films; that means over 1,600 film shoots (you can search through over 1,000 of them here).

For each film only about 15 to 25% of the footage that we shot is used, which means we have not only lots and lots of footage but the majority of it has never ever been seen before. We have at least 45TB of footage- it would take you almost three years to sit though all of the footage in its entirity.

One of the advantages of all of this material is the relevance it can have in documenting places, people, and businesses from the past. It’s also professionally recorded.


If you want us to do a quick check to see if something is in our video vault just email us!

For example we are just doing a film about street signage, and one particular well known building is referred to about how it used to look compared to now. As we have the footage filmed in 2009 it means we can tell the story better and it saved time. Another film required visuals of farm land- we had previously made a film about crop irrigation and so the customer did not have to spend money on time spent filming farms so it saved money.

Our video archive has a huge amount that we have filmed around Stockport and Manchester from inside peoples homes to businesses and streets. Council departments, small businesses, charities and public events. It’s also handy research material to find if a location could work for a TV programme or film.

We also have dedicated YouTube channel for Stockport (here!) and Manchester (here!) too.

Documenting everything we film, photograph, and edit for our customers is all part of our service and values as a company, as often our customers also ask us to return to previous films to use the footage in new videos.

If you are ever in need of film archive material from Manchester or Stockport then feel free to drop us an email, we have a very good archive system so we can check if we could help you and you are welcome to view the footage at our offices in Regent House, Stockport.

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Author: Jonathan is the founder of and started the business in 2008. Jonathan films the majority of the videos by


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