Facebook Live

Your event transmitted as it happens.

We broadcast events, presentations or workshops for customers live on Facebook using truly awesome technology.

With our camera set up we can cover an event and transmit it live to your Facebook audience. We will also supply the same footage edited as a live video.

Our kit is perfect for filming in front of an audience. It’s unobtrusive and doesn’t block the view of the speakers. We can cover the action of several presenters and a projector screen at the same time, with the cameras cutting between presenters, all appearing live on your Facebook feed.

The Parent Carer event above was a recent event we filmed (although this is not the Facebook live stream).

To present your event live on Facebook we need:

  • The date and time of the event.
  • A schedule of the event and a list of key presenters so we know what to capture.
  • A link to your Facebook page via smart phone or tablet device so we can broadcast live to your audience, (battery power isn’t an issue)



We deliver:

  • During the event we cut live between presenters and screens with presentations and broadcast that live to your audience.
  • Following the event we send you the full multi-angle live output as a HD video file to review or share with a wider audience.

This is a remarkably affordable option so if you’d like to find out more or get a demonstration call us on 0161 477 5621, email us, or fill in the details on our contact us page.