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Hello it’s Jonathan.

I’ve found myself at home and not working- not from choice but circumstances. So I’ve done all I know, which is to make video.

It’s quite likely you are reading this whilst also at home unexpectedly, uncertain how long we’ll be in this situation. I feel that too, so I’ve spent my first week ‘off’ making films supporting my customers in a way I can, without risking the situation of being in close contact with them.

I’ve been busy. So far I’ve made 11 films, and you can see them all here: https://www.bellyflop.tv/social_media_short_video_clips/

Any customers who have a film posted above that either would prefer it’s not public until they can make changes, or don’t want it there at all, please let me know. It’s just me looking at the opportunity to be creative and do what I can to give support to customers.

My company has always been supportive where we can. If you are one of our customers and need our help please let me know, and lets help you any way we can.




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