Coronavirus And The Global Toilet Roll Frenzy

TOILET ROLL! Who would have thought in today’s day and age that the humble bog roll would become one of the most sought after items in countries around the world?  Why and how did this happen? Might I be as bold as to suggest it’s due (in part at least) to the power of video!

Before you read on I’d like to highlight that I am not trivialising Coronavirus. I’m sympathetic to those affected (as I presume I may be at some point), I’m merely musing the seemingly frenzied actions of sheeple.


Sheeple - What Does The Word Mean

Did you see this viral video a few weeks ago? Three grown women fighting over toilet roll! Might this inspire the WBO to set up a Bog Roll Battle? Doubtful but it’s the trash TV people love!

If I’d not seen it myself I wouldn’t have believed it but this toilet roll hoarding craze has hit Lancashire too. On arriving at Aldi I was stunned to see a lady struggling across the car park with no less than 8 x 9 packs of loo roll. I concede she may be running an errand for neighbours or buying for a business who forgot to order theirs but I doubt it.


Sainsbury's Empty Toilet Roll Shelves


Video content and its ease of consumption has the power to make a huge difference, both positively and negatively. In these uncertain times where large gatherings, sporting events and business meetings are being cancelled or postponed, what better time embrace video than now?

If you’re unable to get out to meetings or, if your clients workplace is on lockdown then why not utilise video calls and conferencing?  Tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams  are great for face to face meetings.  Many of us still prefer meeting in person but in times like this it’s a good workaround.  Who knows, in the long term it may help avoid  hours of travel to and from meetings.

If you’re unable to get to networking events or to present your product or service to prospective clients then utilise the power of video.  A short film can easily promote the main difference your product offers, even if it’s under 40 seconds like this promo we created for Kyocera Senco. Viewers can see the benefit of a quieter machine such as no ear defenders needed, less noise fatigue and potentially less claims for hearing damage, this should pique their interest to make that enquiry. (click image)

Kyocera Senco Low Noise Compressor


If you don’t have a product to sell then talk about your service and what sets you apart. Give reasons why prospective clients should consider you, let them see your personality shine through like Sarah and Andy from In Accountancy. (click image)

Stockport Accountancy Firm In Accountancy

As we’ve seen, video has the power to make an impact so, whilst the world is going mad and appointments are postponed utilise the time. Seize the opportunity and set yourself apart from competitors.

As Sun Tzu said, ”Victory comes from finding opportunities in problems”

Quote From Sun Tzu

If you’d like to read more about how Coronavirus has sent the world toilet roll mad then take a look at this article from Business Insider which sparked this blog post.  Alternatively if you’d like to chat about ideas and see what might work for you contact Mark or call 01282 222 620.  Make a splash with Bellyflop, video with impact!


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