Clear Brief = Great video

Video making should be an enjoyable process!

The most successful video projects are the ones with the clearest briefs.

By successful I don’t just mean the video achieved what it set out to do, but also the video-making process has gone well and been stress free too.

Bellyflop enjoy working with third sector customers. One of the reasons is as the budget they have for a video has often been approved by a funding bid or detailed proposal of some sort, the aim and message of the project is quite clear; not just the objectives but even the design details and branding.

This means we have a clear guide of what is required, but also as its organised from the start it’s a much easier sign off too.

When we are requested to create a video with no detail whatsoever, that’s when it’s a harder process. Or when people want a video for a website but don’t yet have a website, so no copy has been written, no colour scheme, and no social media so no identity of who the audience is- all these things are key for a successful video.

The thought of having a video made for a campaign may seem daunting if you have not done it before. People often agonise over things like the script and content. But if you have an overall brief, then we can do the rest, and also keep it on message.

There are examples in the blog post of what we consider to be successful videos from clear briefs. But if you want any more details or examples just email us at

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