Check your behind!

OK so I’m going to fess up, this isn’t about my behind, I hear sighs of relief… or is that moans of disappointment? No this is the next instalment sharing tips around creating your own video content for social media.  If you missed it then take a look at the last post, in this one I share details of the kit I used to get started with video blogging.

In todays post I want to talk about what’s behind you, (I’m trying hard to silence the panto voice in my head)! Before you next create a video then just before you press record take a look at what your viewers will see. When you’re facing the camera what will be behind you distracting them from what you’re saying?  This doesn’t mean you need to stand in front of a plain white wall, lets face it thats pretty boring and most of us don’t have space like that at home although we may have at work.

If you are at work the backdrop is perhaps a little easier to decide on as it’s a work space but if you’re engaged on a video conference call at home, whether thats Zoom or Microsoft Teams then it’s perhaps good to check behind you.  If you’re in the kitchen do you want people to see the pile of dishes behind you? If you’re in your dining room or living room (as I often am) do people really need to see your childs mountain of toys?  You may be OK with either but generally the way I look at it is that I ask myself, would I be happy to have a business meeting in this space (your video conference is a business meeting after all). If the answer is no then perhaps you need to re-frame your shot.  Of course this will depend on who you are meeting with, I have some business acquaintances who I know would completely understand how chaotic it can be sometimes balancing work and home life but if I am meeting a new client then I’d perhaps opt to be elsewhere.

If you are particularly concerned or if you are keen to be consistently on brand then you could use your own pop up banners behind you just like the one in the image above from interviews Bellyflop did at the Seashell Trust fundraiser launch event (click the image to see the video). If you don’t have any pop up banners or if you would like your own branded ‘wall’ then I am sure both Katie at Palmer Publicity or Sam at Love To Brand will be delighted to speak to you and help design something thats perfect for you.

If you haven’t seen it yet then now is a good time to check out this weeks video blog, I hope you enjoy it.  If there is anything you need help or you’d like me to discuss then please let me know and I will aim to help.

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