Broadcast Work

Team Bellyflop are standing by for action. 

If you require a support team of runners, researchers, sound, and camera assistants in the northwest of England to help with broadcast shoots then we have a solution!

Hiring individuals, kit, and finding locations is time consuming for Production Managers and Co-ordinators. On top of that travel and accommodation for crew from outside the area can also be costly.

With one contact here at Bellyflop we can sort it all out- we have a team of permanent staff who all regularly work together. So your Camera Operator or Producer / Director has a team ready to support a shoot- from R&C’s, sourcing props or refreshments, through to collecting and dropping off hired kit, it can make a shoot stress free.

We also have the ability to supply a broadcast experienced camera operator too, who is proficient with Sony FS7 and Canon C300 camera kit.


It’s also just one invoice too- we can hire kit directly for your production, and you are not having to individually add a team of people to your payroll, which again is time consuming.

We are ready to support any reality, celebrity, entertainment, children’s, unscripted, lifestyle or daytime projects. Just give Carol a call on 0161 477 5621, or email