Blogposts: Are they effective?

Blogposts can take up a lot of time as they take planning, reviewing and scheduling. So is it worth your time and what benefits do they bring to your business? 

Drive Traffic To Your Website

This is your opportunity to get creative with your content and add some personality to your business.

By spending time on creating a blogpost, you can add links to further parts of the website which will take the customer on a user journey through your website and give them an opportunity to explore your business.

You can also make external links to your social media accounts so that you give the opportunity for your customers to track you through those too.

Reusable Content 

Once you have written a blogpost, you have content that can be spread across your social media platforms. Your blogpost should be filled with interesting content so it would be a simple case of transferring the content to a format that best suits the platform.

Increase your SEO 

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation and without using fancy words is trying to get your website to appear up to the rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo!

In order to do this effectively, you need to figure out keywords to use within your post. You should regularly post as Search Engines will automatically start to recognise that your website isn’t static, boring content.

Build your Brand 

If your article is well-written, it will demonstrate to your audience that you are and industry leader within your sector.

You want to be the go-to for light reading to educate on your sector. You need to make sure that your blogposts are researched and crafted to appeal to those reading it.

Build Customer Relationships

This is your opportunity to build trust with your customer, there are certain things you can do to achieve trust. If somebody leaves a comment, simply reply! This will show not only that customer, but other customers that you care about maintaining your brand.

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