Bellyflop This

Further customer support beyond a finished video.

When we make a video for a customer, we want to give them more beyond just a finished film.

‘Bellyflop This’ is a social media support area that gives tips, ideas, and builds a network between all of our customers so we all work together in promoting each others projects.

Each customer we complete a video project for is encouraged to follow our @BellyflopThis Twitter page (it’s tweets are protected and can only be seen by customers). When a customer clicks follow we will approve all customers requests*, and send out regular bits of information to help you not just promote your film but your general online presence, and build up relationships between our customers.

The most important part of the video process is making sure a film is discovered online once it has been made, and that is where  ‘Bellyflop This’ aims to help.

This customer area will be further expanded on the website with downloads and tip sheets too.

I hope you enjoy being involved!



*Customers can be part of ‘Bellyflop This’ for at least 12 months after their film has gone live, but a film commission needs to be every 12 months to continue receiving the information.

‘Bellyflop This’ is only for customers where video production has been part of the supplied service.

A customer who does not pay an outstanding invoice within the agreed terms may be removed from the receiver list.