Are your tweets really of interest to other people?

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Don’t let your social media messages just become ‘vanity press’. 

The next thing you post on Twitter or Facebook or on LinkedIn just ask yourself are you posting it because you are interested in this and want to read it, or do you think your connections will actually be interested in it as well.

It’s amazing how much stuff is posted where the only person that will be interested is the person who wrote it. It’s totally self-indulgent and self congratulatory. 

Business are built up on customers deciding what they want from a company rather than the company telling the customers what they’re going to get. After all the customer is the one who pays.

Keep your online communications simple! This blog explains more.

So, how do you know if people actually like the content you are putting out there? They will share it- they will either like it or retweet, share it on Facebook, and they will reply with their own thoughts and opinions.

If nobody is engaging with anything you are putting out online then you are only having a conversation with yourself, and you may as well use your time in a better way.


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