Are you too ugly for video?

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Virtually every film we make features people – from call centre staff talking about their work, to the patients of healthcare professionals giving testimonials.

On a film shoot we can usually tell who is willing to appear on video from their body language when they spot the camera in close proximity. Most people we approach agree, but if there is one reaction that happens far too often, it’s people putting themselves down on their appearance and believing they are not ‘good enough’ to be in a film.

The phrase ‘the camera adds ten pounds‘ is rubbish…

Firstly, the key reason we approach people to film almost always is down to personality. Not everyone is outgoing, but when it comes to the first impressions an animated personality is the one thing that comes across fantastic on video. It’s not just about being visually animated, you can hear personality too (much of what we film features people talking over ‘cutaways’ relating to what they are saying, so a voice needs to sound engaging).

The phrase ‘the camera adds ten pounds’ is rubbish – the lens used, angle, lighting, and distance between camera and subject can all be adapted to get the best shot of someone, even the edit can make a subtle difference. You can make someone appear bigger, or slimmer, than they really are by the way you film them (this strays into the area of why it’s also worth getting an experienced camera operator to film you, but that’s not the reason for this blog post).

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‘If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?’ said RuPaul (above)

Baz Luhrmann said ‘you are not as fat as you imagine’. Yes, losing excess weight is healthy, and yes you may look better. But our lives and heads don’t always allow us to become this vision of perfection. Another quote is from Ru Paul- ‘If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else’?

So enjoy being you, and don’t worry too much about what others think of you.

We believe in video and firmly believe the best people to film are the real people in your organisation. People buy people, with a professional team creating your film your best side will shine through.  Warm, natural, inviting and engaging.  Believe in video, believe in yourself.

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