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In 2017 we are looking for a new team member to join

We are a team of four people: Jonathan (who does most of the filming), Sammi (who edits the videos) and Carol (who plans schedules and supports the office). Neil also does some of the filming too.

As the volume of filming work we do increases, particularly as ‘Facebook Live’ video will become a more common part of marketing, we now need an extra team member who can also go out and film.

Our showreel above gives an idea of the range of video work we do.

Our apprenticeship position is for someone who would love to get trained up to be a confident film maker. Not just a camera operator but also capable of recording quality audio, set lights for filming, and direct people who appear on camera.

The position has been developed for us with support from Learning Unlimited and is advertised here.

Meet the team at Bellyflop on the website here. 

Some areas our new team member will be working on are:

  • Understanding the camera, sound and lighting equipment
  • Operating camera equipment
  • Setting lighting up for filming
  • Location Assistance
  • Maintaining the camera kit
  • Handling the data files
  • Preparing Project Folders with the data files
  • Knowledge of the latest camera equipment
  • Understanding how we make videos

The closing date is December 12th 2016, so please forward the details on to anyone you think would be interested. The link to the advert is at


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