Our Apprentice Gets Creative with a Camera

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Although video production is the majority of our work, we do photography too, including Google Street View virtual tours.

With photography in mind we have given Josh our apprentice camera operator a weekly task of creating a gallery of photos based on just one word, such as ‘reflections’, ‘wheels’, or ‘sky’.

The reason for the task is to build Josh’s ability to tell a story just by pictures. So each gallery of images needs to be a different situation, all of the photos need to be visually engaging, and each image must stay with the given theme.

The photos are also edited just to give them the polished look as we always do for customers, again this is also done by Josh to build his knowledge of using Photoshop.

Above is the photo gallery from Josh’s theme of ‘hair’.

On Facebook it is estimated that 85% of people don’t listen to a video, they just watch. So the consideration of the correct images of a film, and how they can tell a story, is all the more important.

You can meet Josh along with the rest of the Bellyflop team right here.

As all of the photos taken by Josh are in and around Stockport, we have uploaded the photo galleries to our Stockport Live Facebook page (which is a community page we have created to promote and support Stockport).

Take a look at one of the galleries above, where the theme was ‘hair’, and notice how every photo is in a different situation, and creativity is put into each composition.

Josh joined Bellyflop.tv in January with the help of Learning Unlimited, and has developed his skills really well in his first 8 months. As well as coming out on many of the shoots and learning to set up camera kit he helps Carol with planning the film shoots too. Josh has also completed some of his own films already such as this one he did for Stockport Foodbank.

You can follow our apprentice Josh on Twitter right here.


Jonathan is the founder of Bellyflop.tv and responsible for making Josh better then Jonathan at camera work.



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