Social Proof in the Digital Marketing Space

Social Proof in the Digital Marketing Space

Social Proof; a large majority of people (including me till recently) don’t know what it is – let alone how to use it as part of their business’s marketing strategy. To give you the basic rundown – Social Proof is one of the six factors identified in Robert Cialdini’s 1984 classic “Influence: Science and Practice”. […]

Customer Testimonials

video by bellyflop tv

Wendy Davis, Bury Chiropractic said… ‘Thanks so much Jonathan, Sammi and Carol for our fantastic photos and videos that you did for us . They have really made our website come alive. Since they have gone on there we have had so many positive comments about them and our business has directly grown because of […]

The Metaverse and Marketing – How The Virtual World Will Shape Digital Marketing

metaverse digital marketing

The world is changing by a million miles a minute in these current times. New technologies and platforms have come and gone over recent years. Take Snapchat, for example; its popularity soared in 2016 – but now? With the emergence of camera filters across all social media platforms – some being improved as they spread […]

Following the flock or making a stand?

Wow! Have you read about the new campaign by more than 90 big brand advertisers who are planning to quit advertising on Facebook as part of the ‘Stop Hate for Profit’ campaign? It really is something when huge brands like Unilever and Coca-Cola publicly share that they are going to stop using the platform. Facebook […]