5 ways your website video can work for you.

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A video on your company website or social media still seems a novelty to some, rather than providing a practical purpose. Even having social media accounts can appear to be an ineffective use of staff time to some company owners.

So just in case you are trying to convince someone further up the management structure, or maybe the business owner themselves, that video is a good idea, we wanted to give you some ideas how video can work for you.

Communicate quickly and clearly. Just imagine you had the ability to go back in time and edit yourself from speaking at an event, or doing a presentation. If only! But with video you get to plan your message with the help of some very experienced video producers (I’ve been making video for 28 years – I just had to check, and yep, I started at 14, I’m now 42. Gosh I’m getting old). You can then refine your message in the edit and get it word for word perfect.

An excellent first impression. People are more likely to click play on a video clip than read text. As humans we instinctively take the easy option – watching and listening takes less effort than finding and reading through information. So a video is likely to be the first communication potential new customers have with your company, if you provide it.


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It saves time. A video featuring the business owner or Managing Director can save senior managers time in travel and doing presentations to members of staff across the country. This is very handy for internal communication messages. For an SME if you want someone who is a lukewarm potential customer to meet you but you are unsure to commit to travel and meeting time, it can be a handy first introduction tool.

It builds trust. A video made well, with the correct nature of interview or talking to camera, can build a degree of trust at a very early stage. This is where our experience steps in- we can help someone come across sincerely and informative without appearing desperate and salesy. It’s some very subtle elements that can massively increase the impression of trust a video can give.

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Every company has some fantastic staff to represent their business- so who better to feature on a website video!

It’s an education. An unexpected customer experience from making video is it makes those in the company think of how they appear to the outside world. From the way they describe what they do, to how an individual may appear and come across on camera. In the preparation before we turn up to film for a customer (such as by finding out what people will say on camera, or the location we film in) we identify these issues, but also some are addressed in edit too. As we are effectively holding up a mirror to the company they see themselves the way the outside world see them. It can address some issues that may be holding a company back in their communication and image.

Video can be a powerful communication tool, and it can work in different ways for every business. If you want me to give you a few ideas how it could work well for your company just email me here and I can send you some over.


Author: Jonathan Robinson is the founder of Bellyflop.tv and films most of the videos.







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