5 Steps to your finished film

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After the shoot day for your film, we edit the film. The ‘first draft’ of this edit is sent to you via a YouTube link.

We wanted to explain this stage of the process to help our customers.

Step 1:

Getting in touch 

Team Bellyflop is made up of 3 people. There’s Jonathan who films, Sammi who edits and Carol who mans the emails. Most likely it will be Sammi or Carol who will email you.

Step 2:


We work really hard to make your films fabulous, so a ‘thank you’ really drives us to go the extra mile, and it feels great to know you appreciate the work so far.

THANK YOU shaped label hanging from cordStep 3:

The important bit: Watch your film and make note of which bits you want to change

We send you the link so you get a say in how your film will turn out. Jonathan has filmed it according to the filming notes you gave us, so hopefully what we’ve sent you looks a lot like you wanted it to be.

When we ask you for changes, we want you to say whether you like it or not; if you aren’t sure about some sections, that’s fine just let us know.

An example of what to send us:

“I’m not sure about his interview where he says, “We want our customers to…” at 1.03 – 1.10. Please take this out.”

If you’re completely happy with the film, that’s great! Send us an email back and I’ll add on the graphics and any other effects before sending it to you again for final approval.


Step 4:

Final Sign-off

Once you receive the new draft with graphics etc. and everything is looking just right for you, please email us back saying so.

This is the moment where we’ll either send you a download link to your film so you can upload it where you need it, or we can upload it for you. We will also then send out our invoice to you.


Click here to read Sammi’s blog on looking good on camera.

Step 5:

Use your film

Once you have your film, it’s time to use it! Post it on your Facebook & Twitter, embed it to your website, show your family and share, Share, SHARE!

Author: Sammi is Editor at Bellyflop TV. Want to see her blog post about editing? Click here.


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