10 Years of Twitter & Tools to Tweet!

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Happy Birthday Twitter- 10 Years old today!

As a video company mainly creating films for websites and social media, Twitter has been an incredibly important tool for us. A customer has a film made, once it’s finished they show it off to their contacts on Twitter. Then guess what? Their contacts want a film too!

But for us, if a business is not on Twitter it gives us a good idea how likely they would get the most out of a video (and how likely they are to become a customer). Most people will be on Facebook, but it seems those really confident with social media regularly tweet. At networking events when people offer a business card I always ask if they are on Twitter instead- then I will connect with them there and then.


So, to mark the tenth birthday I wanted to tell you about a few handy tools I use to build the account and communicate with Twitter, which you may or may not use already:

Manage Flitter is free to use (although you can upgrade for more features) this is handy to find the accounts that are inactive (I see no point in talking to people who don’t listen) and also those who unfollow you- this is handy to note which of my customers that have someone else doing their social media and are making decisions upon their behalf, not necessarily decisions in the interest of their client.

Tweetdeck is fantastic for writing tweets and scheduling them. We have set themes for each month so it helps to plan and write some good messages in advance. I think you need to be cautious about writing tweets in advance, I don’t try and engage in conversation as I may not see a response and will appear rude (so for example wishing everyone a great week on a Monday morning).  Also you need to be very careful that you have times set correctly- I once noticed someone saying hello to #Stockporthour at 8am when it’s really at 8pm, so they came across quite insincere (I told them).

Twitter Analytics tells you what has proved popular on your Twitter account. I noticed photographs of Stockport were proving popular for retweets and likes, so I now do more of these.

Finally, we ‘won’ the #SBS Small Business Sunday in January. This is the weekly Theo Paphitis event where five tweets posted on a Sunday between 5 and 7.30pm are chosen and retweeted by Theo’s Twitter account on the Monday. Now what did this success mean? Well, like anything it depends on what you put into it. If those new leaflets you had printed are left in a pile in the office it’s no surprise they don’t generate business, but hand them out personally to people and use them as a conversation starter then the leaflets will do you a great job- actually, you are doing a great job really. #SBS is the same- it’s a chance to engage with people. And between you and me, you don’t need to be in the ‘SBS Club’ to do this online.

If you want to follow us on Twitter we are @BellyflopTV!



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